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Vocational and trade schools typically offer a lot of courses in the services and trades area. But they often offer some classes in other areas as well.

For example, some schools offer short training courses in criminal justice which can lead to employment at a local police department, a private security company or in the security department of a private company. discusses these opportunities further.

Some schools offer some elementary training in graphic arts. If you some art talent and enjoy working with computers and design software, this type of class may help you get started in a different job. can get you the info on this.

You may also find some beginning bookkeeping, software, accounting or management type of classes. These kinds of classes can often good at giving someone the specific skills they currently need. Taking a class or two isn't going to turn you into an accounting wizard, but it may be enough for you to keep the books at a small business or manage an office better. A site like would have some more information.

Some vocational schools in some cities and states are offering more and more online courses too. States such as Nevada and Washington are aggressively pushing online classes because they know not every potential student can attend classroom courses at a regular basis.

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